Ethiopia Biftu Gudina Ground

Ethiopia Biftu Gudina Ground
A clean and complex washed Ethiopian coffee with flavours of pink lemonade, peach and elderflower. It is light to medium bodied with heady floral notes and a sweet lingering aftertaste.
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Pink Lemonade, Peach & Elderflower


Biftu Gudina is a relatively new cooperative started in 2012 as part of sustainable Technoserve project. (Technoserve is an NGO supporting the farmers in setting up wash- ing stations and new cooperative structures with a focus on transparency & increased quality production).

Located near the birthplace of coffee , there are some fabulous & totally unique heirloom varietals growing and this one is primarily made up of the not-so interestingly named ‘1274’ cultivar amongst others.

With a strong leadership at the cooperative and a real dedication to quality production, Biftu is continuing to deliver some of the most interesting, unique & delicious coffees in all of Ethiopia.

The coffee at Biftu Gudina is processed using the washed method. At the washing station, cherries are sorted by hand for unripe and over-ripe fruit prior to entering the hopper that feeds the Penagos eco-pulper. Afterwards the beans are soaked in clean water in concrete tanks for 8 hours. Waste water treatment relies on a natural form of filtration through a vetiver grass plot before it goes into the pits and finally the ground. The beans are then sun dried for 10 to 14 days on raised African drying beds and carefully hand sorted again.

Producer:Biftu Gudina Cooperative
Farmer:150-180 local smallholders
Region:Agaro, Oromia region Jimma Zone
Varietal:Native 1274 varietal and other Ethiopian heirlooms
Processing:Washed, 8hr fermentation, 6hr post-soak, 10 days on raised beds under canopy and wet
Altitude:2000 meters above sea level


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